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GWK The Future Heritage as A Pillar of Our Future History

November 4th, 2000

2001, Garuda Alighted on GWK Hill
GWK, The Future Heritage as A Pillar of Our Future History

For centuries, Borobudur in Indonesia and pyramids in Egypt had been the world wonders. And for the past seven centuries, there have been only four cultural and art masterpieces in history of the world civilization.

The heritages in all over the world have become to be resources are to be used by people of countries handed down for generations. Particularly attention pay to the exploitation of heritage of art and culture which is the idea of heritage management is central to the critical decision-making process as to how irreplaceable resources are to be used by people of the present or conserved for future generations in a fast changing world. This efforts of conservation so far, has a real impact to become resources by people of intergeneration.

Changing world is not inevitable. Human being as learned creatures always trying to explore all the opportunity for utilize the land sources and heritages for present resources. But, how is about the future generation? Is that all land sources and heritages will be sustainable facing the fast changing world?

This is the best time to reflect upon ourselves. What will we prepare for bequest to our future generation? Or the next generation will only can hold the rubbish and what present set aside from exploitation left behind for the future? We have limitation to choose. Kindly, present generation with the benefits of inheritance from past, create a real thing for the future generation. And the alternative is : Create a pillar of the future history with a plan.

Mandala Garuda Wisnu Kencana project, is one of many idea in many places on the earth which has orientation to look out for future generation history. This effort program is dedicating to the future generation. The Garuda Wisnu Kencana statue which made from mix of copper and brass proximately resistance in unpredictable timeframe could be hundred or thousand years according to the sustainable and intensively maintenance.

We realize, this idea maybe not comparable enough with to what ancestor gave to us. But, at least we begin to bear in mind, think and create to provide an inheritance for our next generation.


Now, You can own Garuda Wisnu Kencana Statue pinch onto your desk And watch it all the time. . . !