World Art Village  



Today the central issue is HOW we can make effective and innovative use of cultural factors and cultural values in economic development. We have learned the hard way that, in business competition, purely economic and technological factors have their limits. We cannot survive in competition without incorporating environmental and cultural factors into our policies, our design, and our "calculation".

(Peter A. Slors)

Cultural communication and diplomacy has become so important lately since mankind aims to create a world in which the finest human qualities can unfold as much as possible in conditions of mutual understanding and man’s unification with nature.

The creation of "culture-industry" through advertising, fashion, design, colours, taste etc, shows that there is an undeniable strong interrelationship between culture and economy.

Culture is the result of human "mind-creativity". Different effects and interpretations in business arose between people with different cultural backgrounds, in particular western and non-western cultures. In growing up for each individual, the accepting values of the surrounding culture are then become to be the standard which one uses to judges and evaluate ideas, actions and also products. A culture is a complex whole consisting of different interrelated elements, such as knowledge, belief, art, law, morals, custom and any other capabilities acquired by man as a member of society. It also contains a social heritage or tradition, a way of life, norms, values, ideals and behaviour and finally product and artefacts.

The history of the cultural is ties between people. For centuries the two cultural traditions of the East and the West have served and still served for the mutual enrichment of the nations. For example, the West began to take an interest in the eastern civilizations, in the idea of man’s fusion with nature, of the individual’s harmony with society on focusing the art of contemplation whose objective is to reunite man with nature and bring about an understanding of himself by introspection and artistic creation.

The challenge is now, how we can make a community of world cultures with the effective interactions, as the human mind creativity being a productively result of, to the enrichment of the nations. WORLD ART VILLAGE is an idea of a form of temporary community of world cultures represents by the artists of the world nations.

Intensively interactions due to a mutual understanding to the world cultures can be reach by interactions between individuals, since the individual is a basic unit of a community. It refers not only to a group of people living in the same locality, but also to the interaction of those people. Community in this sense is also an organism. Individuals create and join group; groups oppose each other; unite for a common cause or attack problems in their own ways. Shall the interactions between people in this program are in place, the cultural exchange, cultural collaboration, cultural transformation, and mutual understanding between world cultures will fulfil the objectives of the World Art Village.

Within that overall framework, the specific objectives include the following:

  • Build a mutual cultural understanding and appreciation through cultural exchange, cultural communication and cultural diplomacy
  • Conduct strategically exchanges knowledge to fill the existing gaps in knowledge about the art among world cultures.
  • Artist and product promotion for local and international artists
  • Place of birth for the masterpieces
  • World Art Clinic Center and Workshop